We do the hard work for you to collect, process, and analyze the data and information. We turn it into market intelligence products that you can use for your next presentation, your next meeting, your next marketing or sales campaign, or for your long-range business planning.

Panoptes Intelligence provides expert strategic, tactical, and above all actionable market intelligence to:

  • Support our clients’ long-term and short-term business development efforts

  • Help our clients more cost-effectively succeed in the government market

What do we mean by “actionable”?

Actionable intelligence is insightful knowledge and wisdom that is practical, applicable, relevant – and useable.

Actionable intelligence makes order out of chaos – or at least makes sense out of an ocean of data and information that is incomplete and often contradictory.

Actionable intelligence means our intelligence analyses and our agency guides are designed to help you expand your sales and market penetration in government agencies.

Actionable intelligence is grounded in the belief that when “everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.” So we help you in establishing your priorities to make the best use of your limited resources.

Market Intelligence vs. Market Research

Market research is often just a data dump of “facts” with little or minimal analysis. Market intelligence, however, answers the following questions:

  • How are those facts connected or fit together?
  • What do all those facts mean?
  • What is really important and relevant and what is really just interesting?
  • How can I use this information in the most advantageous way?
  • What should my priorities be?