Panoptes Intelligence offers a growing library of “The Ultimate Guides” covering federal government agencies. These guides contain the most comprehensive, in-depth, and actionable analyses of the respective agency’s organization, offices, programs, activities, priorities, initiatives, challenges and problem, spending, IT infrastructure, contractors, and hundreds of points of contacts (POCs) that are simply not available anywhere else.

Here's what two well-known users say about it:

"Quite simply: Wow! I wish I had the Ultimate VA Guide when I was CIO at VA to use as a reference guide. Very thorough, very well organized, easy to follow, very informative, and invaluable for companies doing business with VA."

Roger Baker, former CIO, Department of Veterans Affairs

"The Ultimate VA Guide is absolutely invaluable for any company – large or small – that is serious about doing business with the VA. It is packed with essential information and insights that are well organized, easy to use, and up to date – and can't be found anywhere else. It really provides a big advantage in understanding and selling to VA."

Craig Abod, President, Carahsoft Technology

Each Guide will help you to map your company’s products and services in order to find answers to the most important questions:

  • Who do you need to talk to? – Who reports to them? – Who do they report to?

  • What are they doing? – What challenges and problems do they face? – What are their requirements and needs? – What is keeping them up at night?

  • Where are they located in the agency’s organizational food chain? – Where are the organizations? – Where are the problems? -- Where would your company’s products and services be relevant?

  • How much are they spending? – How are they meeting those challenges and problems (or not)? – How can your company help?

  • Why are they succeeding (or not)? – Why could your company provide the solutions to their problems?


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